Weekly Report #2: Short Week

Weekly report for the third week of the Google Summer of Code

We Have A configure Command…

I have been busier than expected this week-end and then tired, but I’ve finished the configure command on Thursday. A proof of concept (actually two successive different implementations) is available on one of my repos, but it needs further work.

I have three things to do in short delay about this command:

  1. explain its design and behavior in a blog post and ask for feedback;
  2. write documentation;
  3. write tests.

I’ll have to learn how to do tests that write, read and list files with distutils2.tests support code, or add some.

…But Don’t Use It Now

During the weekly meeting, Tarek helped me see clearly what needs to be done to make the command better. The code will get simpler, better and maybe smaller. I’ll write another entry about it.


If I’m done at the end of the week, or if I’m waiting for feedback, I’ll start on my next task: killing setup scripts.

I have some changesets unrelated to configure (various fixes) to be merged; I’ll ask via the relevant channels later. I’m also dedicating some time to monitoring bugs, mailing lists and questions on IRC, except when I want to focus and shut them off. I need some self-discipline to do less conversation and more action.

More regular entries to come!

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