Weekly Report #4: Shiny New Task

Weekly report for the fifth week of the Google Summer of Code

I have finished the basic implementation of the configure command, as detailed in my previous report, and I’ve started on adding static metadata support, i.e. moving arguments from setup.py into setup.cfg for easier parsing by external tools and eventual removal of setup.py scripts altogether.

To that end, I’ve read PEP 314 (Metadata 1.2) and PEP 390 (Static Metadata), copied docs from Python trunk and started editing them. My plan is to add a bit of doc, write tests that fail, add the code to make the test pass and the doc be true.

One part of PEP 390 bothers me: I’m supposed to add a distutils2.util.local_metadata function to read and interpret the new setup.cfg, but this was before the medatada module existed, so I think it’s better to put the new function in this module. A name starting with a verb is also a better idea for a function, e.g. distutils2.metadata.read_config. Since it always returns a DistributionMetadata instance, we could also just make it a classmethod (works on 2.4): DistributionMetadata.from_config. I’ll do that and move the code if told to :)

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