Weekly Report #10: Efficient Multitasking

Weekly report for the eleventh week of the Google Summer of Code

This week I’ve been working on several things, catching up on nearly everything that I was late for.

I attended the Montreal-Python sprint, giving comments and feedback while working on my config file document, and pushed their changes upstream at the end.

I refreshed and pushed most of my changes that had been waiting for three weeks: various cleanups, touchups and fixes. I also switched to using named branches for configure and killsetup, which is a very convenient way to work.

I finished my document about new sections in config files. I’ve had some feedback from Alexis and Fred about the form, so I’ll put another half hour [edit: how optimistic I was!] on it and it’ll be time to request votes and let a thousand arguments blossom.

I replied to review requests from Josip, Alexis, Konrad and Zubin, and pulled the changes that were ready upstream. I’m becoming confident with reviews (thanks Dan!) and push rights, and since Tarek has not shouted yet I guess I’m doing good :)

I decided not to do the docs import and reorganization to prevent merge headaches for my fellow students (even if in the end I did most of the merges ;), which helped a bit. Now that the big pypi rename is done, docs are top priority.

I worked again on configure and moved code from build and install into configure, as discussed with Tarek on the phone all those weeks earlier. This was not as easy as it sounds, but it was a funny debugging experience! Work is ongoing.

I’m starting this week with another sprint, with this task list:

  • update my blog [edit: heh]
  • send an email to call for feedback and votes on the new config file proposal (static metadata and friends)
  • add distutils1 docs to d2 (with the same organization as seen on distutils2.notmyidea.org)
  • add todos in the docs to make sure we update them
  • start working on the new config module (utility functions to support existing and new sections in config files, i.e. implementation of my document)
  • continue working on configure (I need to talk with Tarek)
  • continue improving mkpkg
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