Weekly Report #11: Twice Awesome

Weekly report for the twelfth week of the Google Summer of Code

This week I’ve kept on working on several things.

I have pushed the new docs organization and some improvements to the main repo. Some mkpkg improvements as well as changesets from Konrad are also pushed.

The proposal for the new config file has been sent and is quietly collecting feedback and being edited in reaction. I haven’t started the new config module like I had planned, but it will not take much time or effort to do, it’s mostly string manipulations and a bit of refactor in dist. I have been reading distutils-sig archives from last year, there has been a lot of interesting discussion about setup.cfg.

I sent a report about each of my tasks to my mentor last Monday, and asked him if I should focus on tests and docs as advised by Google or if I could just do a normal work week. He answered that I was doing fine, that what I did besides coding (reviews, merges, doc sync) more than balanced the unfinished code, and that I could do whatever I wanted with no fear about the final evaluation :) So I’ve had a cool week with no stress, I’ve worked as usual and slept a bit more. The deadline is just the end of the paid work, but certainly not the end of my involvement in distutils2. I already have plans for sprints and a nice todo list for August and September. GSoC is sort of already over in my head.

The configure command has some tests that pass and one that fails. I’ll look into it shortly.

My blog is still lagging; for some reason I prefer replying to email and writing code, but I really have to update the blog Really Soon Now™. [edit: done!]

Tarek has proposed to python-dev that I get commit rights to Python’s Subversion repository, to help him maintain the old distutils so that he can focus on distutils2. This week I’ve got the reply. I am now a Python core developer and will co-maintain distutils. Awesome!

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2 Responses to Weekly Report #11: Twice Awesome

  1. Zubin Mithra says:

    Congrats of the commit privileges! \m/
    Great job, mate!

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