Weekly Report #5: Slowdown

Weekly report for the sixth week of the Google Summer of Code

We’ve been sending weekly emails and having weekly IRC meeting but my weblog has not been updated; fixing that now by copying the emails.

This week I’ve continued editing docs for the metadata in setup.cfg feature. I am not technically late, since I had planned to do this in a week or more, but I’ve been slow this week. I explain it with lack of self-discipline, which is not helped by the heat, and for a small part, disappointment of not getting answers to all my questions. That said, I know how busy you all are, and I remain enthusiastic :) I’ll just put the parts where I need feedback on standby and make progress on killsetup.

I’ve also made various changes in my general repo, and already asked for pulling. Alexis has gotten a few changesets from me too.

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