Weekly Report #6: New Energy, Old Issues

Weekly report for the seventh week of the Google Summer of Code

This week has started with a phone call with Tarek which answered most of the open questions I add about a lot of things. Thank you for being so helpful and clear!

I have reevaluated my schedule, since I was not sure whether the tasks listed on the wiki were for the whole summer or for the start. Tarek confirmed that the list could be changed, but in my case I think it won’t move: configure is supposed to do a lot more than was explained on the bug report, and killsetup is of course not trivial, so my first idea that I had to do them in six weeks is updated to twelve. :)

The work I’ve been doing this week is mostly small stuff:

  • fixed build of hashlib (all backported modules (hashlib, _hashlib,
    _md5, etc.) now live under d2._backport, preventing C API version
    mistmatch warnings with 2.5+)
  • added try/except blocks to make sure all file handles are closed as
    soon as possible in all Python VMs
  • improved documentation of d2.tests.support (you should use it in your
  • fixed some tests that wouldn’t run directly (python test_thing.py)
  • coordinated fixes to other parts of the tests with Alexis (esp. 2.7
  • lost sanity trying to find why test_upload_docs does not remove all
    the temporary directories it creates.

I had the great pleasure of welcoming Alexis for a mini-sprint. Code is fun, code with people is better! I look forward to more face-to-face meetings and coordinated work.

I have to confess that I’m late. Apart from being sick yesterday, I have no excuse for that, especially given the fact that all the questions that were blocking me are answered. Actually, I am not good at working alone. When in a team or with a boss, I do stuff, but alone I slack off and can’t force myself to work regularly. I have to fix that.

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