Weekly Report #7: Ecstatic Metadata

Weekly report for the eighth week of the Google Summer of Code

What I did

  • Continued improving documentation and minor things
  • Added code to support the metadata section in setup.py
  • Started to add tests for that
  • Had good chats about static metadata with clever people, on IRC and the ML
  • Included Alexis in my discussion with Dan Buch, which lead to them getting our Review Board instance up and running again (kudos!)
  • Worked on the proposals in Carl Meyer’s sample-distutils2-project (completes PEP 345, and got reviewed and approved by lots of people at PyCon)
  • Got added to the authorized pushers for Tarek’s repo. Alexis did too.
  • Pushed changesets from Alexis and Jeremy to the main repo
  • surprise Pulled and merged documentation from all students and
    mentors clones into one location, hosted by Alexis on http://distutils2.notmyidea.org/

What I failed

  • My tests use helper functions which have bugs :) I have to fix them before I can actually benefit from the tests
  • I have written much less code than I wanted to
  • I haven’t edited the history of my changesets of last week to make clean diffs out of them and push them (I have more than 30 changesets, I should collapse some of them and reorder them for easier reading)

What I will do next

  • Take part in tonight’s Montréal Hacking sprint
  • Write a ton of tests for static metadata (setup.py-setup.cfg equivalence)
  • Review/add tests for the global section in setup.cfg
  • Write those damn emails and blog posts I should have done two weeks ago
  • Not forget that configure is not finished yet
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