Weekly Report #8: Midterm

Weekly report for the ninth week of the Google Summer of Code

This week I made very little progress on the tasks listed in my last report.

I took part virtually in the Montreal sprint, answered questions, made suggestions, reviewed and pushed their changesets to the main repo.

I have produced more words than code, hopefully not useless words (reviews and discussions about fellow students’ tasks, discussions with the wider fellowship about various important subjects), but my focus should shift more to code.

I applied the distinction Alexis and I had discussed for the documentation (see preview at http://distutils2.notmyidea.org/). This will make the doc easier to navigate for everyone and will also ease merging with Python. If I don’t get negative feedback, I’ll apply it to Tarek’s clone.

In short, I have not been idle, but clearly not focused and productive enough.

I passed the midterm evaluation. The automatic email from Google said “Please contact your mentor to discuss the results of your evaluation and to plan your goals and development plan for the rest of the program.” Well, I suggested “Same thing, continued, but better. :)”, to which Titus replied “yep ;)”. I like our understanding :)

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