Weekly Report #9: Feeling Low

Weekly report for the tenth week of the Google Summer of Code

Report Email

I’m starting to get depressed with those reports, since I have to say that I’ve had problems with concentration/focus again and did not do much last week. I’ve made progress on my document describing new sections in config files, I wanted to have it done Monday but failed.

I’ve had other proposals about code on the ML, without much feedback.

I’m sprinting tonight, and I’ll have a precise tasklist to race the lateness and do some overdue things (finish the static metadata doc, add the docs to the main repo, review changesets).


During the weekly meeting, other students cheered me up. I’m also thankful to Fred Drake for a bit of useful private discussion. I decided to have my email client shut off for long periods and be careful with IRC, and also talked about organizational techniques with the Montreal people during the sprint. My mentor offered helpful suggestions in email and told me that writing a design document instead of code was not wasted time—to which I agreed, my point being only that I shouldn’t have been blocked two weeks on that. A few days after the email, I said that the document was ready and that I’d need just a few days to do everything that was late.

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