About me

I’m Éric Araujo, a Python core developer. I’m a former Google Summer of Code 2010 and a current GSoC 2011 mentor. I work on distutils and packaging (distutils2), on the documentation, and I haunt the bug tracker.


I’m 25 years old, live in France and am currently making a break in my linguistics studies. I’m interested in semantics, pragmatics, translation, and cognitive linguistics. I’m also involved in and serving as treasurer for a volunteer association called les Petits Débrouillards, which works in the fields of science and education. Last but not least, I am a Free Software (and more generally Free Works and Free Culture) user and advocate.


I’ve learned programming for fun four years ago, and then really learned it three years ago. Dive Into Python helped me understand what the Python interpreter and my computer do when I give them commands. The book is incredibly well written and funny, albeit outdated now. The Python design philosophy, the documentation and the community really fit with me, so that’s my language of choice. It’s incredibly great to give back to that community!


I’d been following the packaging world from afar for a year or two. Since I love reading code, especially in a highly readable language like Python, I had peeked into distutils once or twice, of course without getting everything. I’d written a few setup scripts for personal or buddies’ projects. A year ago, when I was browsing the list of GSoC proposals for Python projects, I stumbled upon Tarek’s list and was stunned. I was by no means an expert, and the tasks were not easy as pie, but I thought I could apply for it. It was the start of the journey.

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